Friday, July 6, 2007

About Life

"The more you plan, the less likely you will experience chance, therefore live life to the fullest"
"Life is reality without an eraser!"
"Don’t cry over what has happened in the past, but be happy that you could enjoy the moment."
"Always remember the words from a true friend: I’ll be there for you”
"If you want the champion in the game...playing with smile"
"We don't have a gun...but we can the king in my soul!!!"
"You can...I also!!!"


Moes Jum said...

ojo kakehan mikir ... mikir sing enak2 wae ... urip ki kudu iso semeleh ...hehehhe sok menasehati

Ipang said...

Pingin'e sih ngono bozz, lha yo'opo maneh wong masalah iku nglabrak ben dino'e...pikir ga di pikr yo mumet, paah NdaSe...hihihihih
Suwun bozz...

Fine said...

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