Saturday, May 5, 2007


Read, know later then consider this matter

1. Each and everyone have cancer cell in body. this Cancer cell do not seen in standard tes till they multiply to become billion billion. When doctor tell to cancer patient that nothing like cancer cell in their body after treatment, that mean that conducted tes unable to detect cancer cell because the cancer cell do not at amount of diprediksi which can
2. Cell cancer happened between 6 until 10 times in human life
3. When impenetrability of strong human being body, cancer cell will destroy and prevented from by and breeder forming of tumor
4. When cancer mengidap someone, the people indication have immeasurablely of nutrisi trouble. This matter can because of genetik factor, environmental, life style and food
5. To overcome immeasurablely of nutrisi trouble, altering diet and including suplemen will strengthen immured impenetrability
6. Kemoterapi entangle poisonous cancer cell growing swiftly as well as destroying healthy cell growing swiftly in bone marrow, inner organ and can cause damage of organ like liver, kidney, heart, lung, etc
7. Radiasi when breaking cancer cell, also burn and destroy healthy cell, organ and network
8. Treatment early with radiasi and kemoterapi will often lessen tumor size measure. However usage of endless radiasi and kemoterapi do not yield tumor ruination
9. When body have had a lot burnt poison effect of radiasi and kemoterapi, destructive immured system hence will weaken from is assorted of komplikasi and infection
10. And radiasi Kemoterapi can result cancer cell have mutation to and become difficult resistant and also broken. Surgery also can result cancer cell disseminate to other shares
11. A way of effective

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