Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fruits Benefit

Fruits Benefit

In Iraq and Iran, made by ruby juice is nut beforehand before drinked assisting to clean tooth and mouth, and also prevent infection so that assisting to deodorize mouth which is not delicate. Eating with pomegranate slow and release its seed can make clear voice raucous and avoid dryness of red lane. Other benefit, tanin zat content in pomegranate can anaesthetize roundworm, tape worm and kremi worm in intestine so that they earn to be released to through
big water. Way of this have commonly use by Egypt resident and Vietnam.

Fresh Tomato juice very is assisting forming of glycogen in liver. According to research found that tomato juice balance liver function swiftly and thereby mean to take care of body stamina and make healthy body. Rich Mineral salt in tomato passion eat and stimulate current so that enable food digested better. Consume regular tomato assist to cure anorexia disease ( losing appetite).

Too much consuming flesh, candy, light beverage and coffee often make blood too much its sour content and result red fleck in husk. Juice watermelon will moult the the acid and repair blood content. To diabetes patient, consuming regularly watermelon juice can take care of the increasing of blood sugar. Obstetrical excess of urik acid in body causing arthritis, and rheumatism poisoned of urea can be eliminated by drinking watermelon juice regularly twice one day.

This fruit containing many sukrosa, glucose, protein, fat, sour of] tartaric, A vitamin and B. As one of the source of energi, this very sweet fruit good for improving stamina finished pain. Kelengkeng very good to fulfilling requirement of energi to weak pregnant woman or after bearing. Eating this fruit sufficiently regularly can add passion eat, preventing and anaemia whitening of hair early. Besides will quicken external hurt recovering. Caution, just consumption sufficiently, if excess, will make body become heat effect of excess of energi.

"Fruit above easy to finding and its price very is reached"

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