Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Plane Vs Hp

Indonesia people it's true high class, Its Costly Handphone, Transportation wear plane but !! There is which don't know why prohibited to activate hp in plane, there is which soybean cake but remain to don't care. Indonesia people have to always learn by hard.
Make which not yet known, why may not fire Handphone in plane, following its clarification:
Simply for just information, possible all of you all have heard news concerning accident new plane " take-off " from Lanud Polonia-medan. Till now the occurence cause not yet been known categorically.
Possible simply just sharing make all of us which owning and using hp or any of its term. In the reality according to source of information got from ASRS ( Aviation Safety Reporting System) that hp have big kontributor to safety of air transport. Have many case accident of plane that happened because hp. Possible information hereunder can be useful for the all of us of, especially which often use plane.

its Case
of example :
Plane Crossair with LX498 flight number just " take-off" from Zurich airport, Swiss. Just later plane swoop to fall. Its ten Passenger defeated. Investigator find evidence is existence of ponsel sinyal trouble to system drive plane.

A Slovenia plane Irrigate in air transport go to Sarajevo do crash landing because alarm system in aviator cockpit continue sound. In the reality, a ponsel in baggage suitcase forget to be off and cause trouble to navigasi system.

Boeing 747 Qantas sudden heel to one side and go up again as high as 700 feet exactly when is
" approach final" for the " landing of" in Heathrow airport, London. Its Cause is because three passenger not yet killed computer, Player CD, and game electronic each ( The Australian, 23-9-1998 ).

Following representing ganguan form that happened in plane:
Direction fly HSI melenceng, Indicator ( Horizontal Situation Indicator) annoyed, Trouble
VOR cause ( VHF Omnidirectional Receiver) inaudible, System navigasi trouble, Frequency communications trouble, Indicator fuel trouble, automatic System drive trouble.
All trouble above resulted from by ponsel. While other trouble like Trouble instruct computer compass resulted from by CD & Trouble CDI indicator game ( Course Deviation Indicator) resulted from by gameboy. All information above is to stem from ASRS.

seen trouble list above we can see that not only when plane is flying, but when plane in motion base even also happened big enough trouble effect of usage ponsel.

In order to be known, ponsel do not only sending and accepting radiowave but also make electric power radiasi to reach BTS ( Base Transceiver Station). A ponsel can reach BTS which aparting 35 kilometre. Its meaning, at height 30.000 foot/feet, a ponsel can reach hundreds of BTS residing in under nya. ( In just Jakarta estimated by there is around 600 BTS all earn is at the same time reached by a active ponsel is plane which in motion above Jakarta).

Everybody soybean cake we own ponsel. our Everybody soybean cake is rushing about. Our Everybody soybean cake of key man. But, for the shake of safety with, and for the shake of manner esteem humanity, don't activate ponsel during in plane.
Hopefully one day people we can a few/little more is bright.

How now all of you all, remain to wish to enjoy journey comfortably or
fear because remain to activate ponsel ?


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