Saturday, May 12, 2007


Stroke? I munch Tomato Seed

Possible during the time ripe moment, You like to throw away tomato seed, because You less taking a fancy to it or You disgust, especially by slippery dilution which accompany tomato seed. But, if You know its, in period to come it is possible that in cookery recipe, You always accompany tomato seed. A conducted by research is Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Skotlandia find tomato seed good for to health. Is such as those which cited by magazine health of Prevention, Asim K Dutta-Roy, Phd, the researcher find, slippery dilution or rust colored jelly which there are around seed tomato, pregnant of efficacious mixture materials or compound to fight against heart sickness and stroke. Research also get that if You drink tomato juice without throwing away its seed, hence around Your 72% have lessened risk the happening of cloting of blood able to cause heart attack. Wow, small seed which is that mucus of excitement really its?

Source : Suara Merdeka, 05/07/2003

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