Saturday, May 5, 2007


a. Sugar is cancer bait. By lessening sugar, connoting to lessen food supply of necessary for cancer cell. Sugar substitution like Nutrasweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc made with aspartam and that is dangerous. better Natural substitution can in the form of molasses or honey but in number which very a few/little. Desk salt have chemical addition to make its colour turn white. better alternative is with sea salt

b. Milk make body produce mucus, especially in inner organ. Cancer baited by mucus. By lessening milk and replace with soy milk bargain cancer cell of hunger

c. Cancer cell thrive in sour environment. Diet anti flesh is to have the character of acid, best is to eat chicken and fish than pig or beef. Flesh also contain livestock antibiotic which grow dangerous parasite and hormone, especially to cancer patient

d. Diet by 80% fresh fruit and vegetable, legume and bulk assist body in alkalin environment. its of can be obtained from matured food is including bean. Fresh vegetable provide life enzyme which is easy to be permeated in 15 minute to look after and improve growth of healthy cell. To obtain;get enzyme live to develop build healthy cell, try to drink fresh vegetable juice all vegetable of is including and eat raw vegetable 2 or 3 times one day. Damage enzyme at temperature 104 degree of Farenheit or 40 degree of Celcius

e. Avoid coffee, tea, and chocolate having high caffeine. Green tea is best alternative which have cancer penumpas cell. best drink clean water or water which have been filtered to avoid heavy metal and poison

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