Saturday, May 5, 2007


Gallstone do not apprehended by many people, but in fact all needing soybean cake because gallstone can end in cancercously. " Cancer alone have never emerged as first disease" Dr Chiu-Nan word. Generally there is other disease which preceding him. In bile poke most of all from pregnant us of gallstone. Its difference only in size measure and just amount of Symptom is existence of gallstone usually is full of feeling in stomach used up eat. Likely less complete ingest food. Hard in a condition there is addition feel pain in bone at kidney. When you anticipate there is stone at your bile, try the way of suggested by Dr Chiu Nan for the escade of naturally. This medication also can wear by if there are any sigh of liver trouble, because gall bladder and liver each other is interconnected

Its Medication procedure shall be as follows

1. During five day successively drink four ( 4) fresh apple juice glass every day, or eat four or five fresh apple, depended of appetite you. Berkhasiat apple soften gallstone. During a period to this you may eat as usual

2. On six days don't dine. Clock 6 afternoon, swallow one teaspoon " Salt Epsom" ( sulphate magnesium, epsom salts??) with warm water glass. Clock 8 night do same thing. Sulphate used magnesium open gall bladder small channel. Clock 10 night mix semi olive cup ( or sesame oil) with semi fresh orange gist. Swirl sufficiently before drinked. Its oil lubricate stone to launch its exit of gallstone. Tomorrow You find greenness chromatic stone in big water waste of you. " This stone usually float," according to Dr Chiu-Nan. " Try to count him. There [is] which its amount 40, 50 until 100 stone. A lot of. Without symptom

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