Friday, May 18, 2007

There Is Tips And Interesting Info Concerning Danger Blast Ac & Fan.

There Is Tips And Interesting Info Concerning Danger Blast Ac & Fan.
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Temperature AC which is too chilled and its air blast hitting home face, head, and neck during to long( for example sleep moment night ), making some nerve trouble the direct Air blast can from AC and fan. According To Dr. Wendra Ali.Sp.S, specialist nerve in International RS of Bintaro, various that trouble for example:
Bell's Palsy ( paralysis of side face), this disease cause the happening of pembengkakan of face nerve ( nerve to 7 ) its one it patient will feel one of the its eye of pain when cleaning face, because that eye cannot close eye. He are difficult to also gargle, its mouth heel, and stamping of tongue decrease. Last invention show the existence of possibility of virus infection which brought by wind or air.
This disease is often met and usually attack adult and adolescent. When happened at old fellow have to be thought of by possibility of palsy stroke. Bell's palsy symptom can be healed by when is quickly handled. Its therapy can with antiinfla-masi drug / antiedema, nerve vitamin and antivirus. Patient also have to practice gymnastic face ( facial exercise l). Patient usually will be convalesce during 1- 6 week. Tortikolis (wrong of pillow), this disease usually happened riser moment. Patient feel its stiff neck, cannot behold side one, also pain in bone like electrized by when forced to make a move. When talking or cough will felt pain. This disease can dose with injection at pain in bone dot in neck and also gift medicinize anti-chafe. When needed can be done by warm-up therapy. Frozen Shoulder ( congelation shoulder), this disease usually arise in moment wake up morning sleep. Patient do not ready to brush teeth and comb hair because its shoulder bangle felt pain when arm lifted or moved. If do not cure of course will limit movement of shoulder, and when its chronical disease require to be conducted action by operation. Its medication consist of gift medicinize anti-chafe, anti pain in bone and injection at shoulder bangle. Also need warm-up therapy added by shoulder practice. Tunnel syndrom Carpal Is disease with ant symptom and pain in bone at hand especially 3 is first ( thumb, forefinger, and middle finger). Symptom will be more felt at night in AC room. That symptom is caused by the existence of nerve contusion passing tunnel;cutting in wrist. This disease can be healed by when is quickly handled. Dr. Wendra enhancing, cool by temperature of Dangerous AC to rheumatism patient. At migraine patient even also AC can trigger relapsing.


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