Friday, May 11, 2007

Optical mouse

Optical mouse freshment in the reality have dangerous side effects. Three first launching since year of mouse optical by microsoft, have been found by thousands of disparity case at hand network effect of transmitted by radiasi is mouse. Mouse Optical work by transmitting high frequency electromagnetic wave to surface under. Used frequency much higher from at handphone. Have been known widely that foot/feet and palm represent center tip of body nerve. Radiasi felt by palm can have an effect on fatal at health, because according to WHO radiasi report from equivalent mouse 5 times handphone radiasi. However mouse radiasi become dangerous because holded continuously by computer user. Radiasi influence from mouse more felt at product with quality lower, because good product have shield ( protector ) to protect wrist.

WHO, Greenpeace, and CNN have discontinued usage of mouse optical to entire/all activity in its office, whereas Microsoft and IBM release fund around 2milyar dollar for the cooperation of making of more peaceful device pointing. biggest Hardware industrys in Taiwan and cina try to keep close this matter. If paid attention, optical mouse-mouse circulating in marketing in this time produced by merk which is not famous, though it is only rest of big industrial product which have discontinued sale.

For that, try to hold mouse only in needed it just to moment. Exercise to use Hotkey ( Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V for the copy of paste ). Again use old fashion mouse ( ball )

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