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Food And Benefit in Health

Food And Benefit in Health

People can be ill because food, but also can recover or is healthy [of] food blessing.
That Healer food of course for the disease of. Following some worthwhile food and beverage type to the condition of certain health:

1. Marrow mush and milk.
Marrow mush, recognized also by the name of rice mush, can neutralize stomach acid, so that can assuage stomach pain in bone. If do not suffer laktosa intoleransi,
we can cook rich food of this carbohydrate with milk.
Singlely since milk llama known as by stomach pain in bone palliative. According To Fig H. Dermarderosian Phd., farmakognosi professor in Philadelphia College Pharmacy
Science and of, milk enough assist so long as do not be drinked direct in number many

2. Yogurt
Elementary Materials beverage of milk and contain this Lactobacillus acidophilus
good for awakening bacterium " good " in stomach. Bacterium " good " the usually follow death when us experience medication with antibiotika. Though, they are good
for in digestive channel, for example breaking food pickings so that is easy to released
Scientifically it is true not yet been found by mechanism work yogurt
in digestive channel. But, pursuant to experience of doctor in America,
yogurt can improve the condition of patient

3. Ginger
"Some research prove effective to ginger enough fight against queasyly" say
Varo E. Tyler Phd., farmakognosi professor in Purdue University. Hence, to overcome to
get drunk journey we can munching it. Darling, likely very hot and less practical.
Pregnant woman nor suggested consuming of it. Instead we can munch ginger peppermint

4. Coffe
If experiencing of migrain, we can curing it drinked a cup of coffee. According to
dr. Seymour Diamond, Director Diamond Headache Clinic, in Chicago, this disease
is usually caused by venous enlargement. Whereas, caffeine in coffee will
wrinkle vein. Efficacious so that, suggested to drink coffee accompanied by] light analgesic drug or headache drug. If not there is coffee, beverage have caffeine to or tea jell can be made by its substitution

5. Orangeade and Banana
Mixture orangeade beverage and efficacious banana in the reality
as diarrhoea drug. Orangeade can replace water, vitamin, mineral, and missing calorie
because diarrhoea. Whereas, banana replace potasium " extorted " when diarrhoea.
Banana also contain pectin, of a kind fibre which can permeate water
in digestive channel. Efficacious banana also to overcome keroncongan stomach in
nighttime, making difficult us of sleep. This fully filled fruit, is easy to digested, but do not fatten.

6. Water
According to dr. George L. Blackburn Phd., gizi laboratory head / metabolism in New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston, water is one of the stres drug most efficacious.
If nervous about when will appear on the scene, glassfully of water can overcoming it. Water also prevent to dehydration, overcoming dry mouth of cause worry,
sweaty palm, or palpitate.

7. Milk
Drink milk represent the way of most precise to overcome hot because cabe. Full cream milk more is effective compared to milk without fat, because fat in absorbent cream full milk of capsaicin, compound in cabe causing is hot. On the contrary drink water is not
the way of eliminating is hot, because capsaicin will disseminate by water in mouth.

8. Hot Food
To overcome hot weather, we can consume hot food. According to
Dr. Dermarderosian, hot food make melar vein. Body even also sweat.
Sweat this represent body mechanism to degrading body temperature. ( dr. Audrey Luize


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