Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This Fact...!!! Open Eye All of You...!!!

Result of Kevin Chartermasterpiece
(He suicide effect of depresi 3 months after taking photo hereunder)

It's Fact Guy's....!!!
Do you see this??? what is in heart all of you?

Wrong who is this ?

May they have dream to tomorrow?

May they to simply to imagining about future?

Do all of you have thinked, if all of us in world cast aside 1 rice item,
how much ton milliard which we can to our relative ????

Do we have to let that bird celebrate???

I know ... this only photo!! Do us only require to spell out members " their pity..."
or simply weeping or we also spell out members "Profit is not us".
Only all of you which can answer!!!

Wahai Allah, sungguh aku mohon rasa cinta kepada-Mu dan cinta kepada orang yang mencintai-Mu. Aku pun memohon amal yang kiranya bisa menyampaikan diriku kepada rasa cinta kepada-Mu. Wahai Allah, jadikanlah rasa cinta kepada-Mu lebih kucintai daripada diriku sendiri, keluargaku, maupun air yang sejuk. (HR-Turmudzi)

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