Saturday, May 12, 2007

TIPS : Put-Off The Light When Sleep Night

Put-Off the light when dark night sleep in secrecy with body. Only in a state of really dark of body yield Melantonin, one of the hormone in impenetrability system capable to fight and prevent various disease of[is including bosom cancer and prostate cancer. On the contrary, sleep with aflame lamp between two lights - as small as any of its light cause melantonin hormone production desisted. Biolog Joan Roberts find this secret of attempt having taken steps at animal.
When animal given by nocturnal artificial light, its of downhill and system impenetrability of its body weaken. Seemingly, lamplight - like also TV - causing hormone become very tired. Therefore, besides economizing energi,dengan put-off the light when sleep represent the way of experiencing of to increase health of body.

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