Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have psikotest about feeling of heart.
Today I will shar all of you but all of you have to follow its rule of the game.
Prepare paper & pen
Attention , when chosening name, you have to chosening one who recognize.
write what is in your head.
Remember to read question have to massage and its answer direct vision don't before
finishing all its question.
LET's BegiN... : Good Luck Guy's...
  1. First write number 1 until 11 in your paper vertically ( to the downwards )
  2. Writing most number of you like ( between 1-11 ) side No.1 and 2.
  3. Write 2 name of people ( oposite gender ) what you recognize, for first choice put down in No.3 and No.7 for second choice.
  4. Write 3 name one who you recognize in No.4, 5 and 6. Here you may write the name of people in family, friend or whoever, O.K!! Only, people which you have to recognize!!
  5. In no.8, 9, 10 and 11 you write the name of different song title.
  6. Last, write you have application.
hereunder there is answer from psikotest, I hope compatiblely of its answer!!!

  1. You have to inform to one who you write in No. 7 about this psikotest .
  2. One who you write in No.3 is one who you love.
  3. One who you write in No.7 is one who you like, but cracking side hand.
  4. One who you write in No.4 is one who you feel most the necessary for you.
  5. One who you write in No.5 is one who most understanding about you.
  6. One who you write in No.6 is one who bring luck at you.
  7. Song which you write in no.8 is song addressed for the people of No.3.
  8. Song which you write in no.9 is song addressed for the people of No.7.
  9. Song which you write in no.10 is song defining what is in your heart.
  10. Last, song which you write in No.11 is song defining your life.
So...How??? Do as according to what feeling??
Invite friend all of you for the surving & to trying this test in my blog

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