Thursday, May 10, 2007


"If thou have food in refrigerator, Clothes which closing your body, roof above your head and place for the sleep of, hence richer thou from 75% this earthling."

"If you have money in bank, in yours purse, and small change, hence thou reside in among 8% prosperity of world."

"If you wake up this morning with interest many health than painfulness ...
you more blessing than so much people in this world which cannot live on till today."

"If you have never experienced of fear in war, lonely in prison, miserable of persecution, or hunger .... Hence, Iuckier you from 700 million people in world."

"If, you earn to attend Mosque or religion meeting without there is fear of attack, arrest, persecution or death....Hence you more blessing than 3 billion people in world."

"If....yours parent above the ground and still stay in nuptials tying... Hence, you is the including one who very rare."

"If you earn to uphold head and smile, hence you is not like rank and file you are unique compared to all them residing in doubt."

"And remember when your The infinite please express that,
'In fact if you grateful, surely I will enhance more enjoying to you ".
( QS:IBRAHIM ( 14) : 7 )"

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