Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Drug All Stomachache

Drug All Stomachache

I will share a little, my friend hit disease which enough rareness, name of its disease of Colitis Ulcerative. This is stomach disease which is hard enough, where my friend often flatulent stomach erasa and pengen throw away wind. But time will throw away its dirt wind of exit also( Defecate also).
Have so, there its blood again, its blood many again. because often is CHAPTER blood, My HB become very low once. My friend even also have time to faint several times
. My friend this disease diagnosa in Dutch country (endoscopy passing), which according to him doctor over there excitement. They [its drug soybean cake caw, my friend in giving drug most super and riskiest at the same time in world that is or rednison or Osbason. This is true medicinize most effective in world. All doctor spell out members this antihistamine. All disease recover if taking medicine this. But medicinize this only working during several hours, afterwards ill you again. After my friend go home to Indonesia, he is ill again. All doctor in Indonesia do not know its drug. ( All doctor in world might not know its drug). then my friend meet ordinary special someone of life in village. He inform its drug, and easy to again. This diagnosa whereas. All stomach disease because of decreasing intestine resist it and stomach. So that acid which in production by our body hit home and intestine our stomach, as a result our stomach of us or pain feel to swell. At some case, even happened super haemorrahage at stomach and intestine. So that many people spell out members its intestine of hurt or its perforated intestine. At intestine have ability of very super recovery ( This is power Allah).

Its just drug easy to
1. Take white water glass of habit ( do not be chilled and do not also heat)
2. Including 3 Flour SAGO tablespoon

3. (Optional / may do not, may also yes) including Java Sugar (Accroding to Appetite).
4. ( Optional / may do not, may also yes) Including salt according to appetite
5. Then to Drink.

Don't in mingling first, because me doubt other mixture can cause iritasi at intestine and stomach. After drinking this recipe in guarantying all existing stomach trouble is this world lose. Stomach felt easy and can throw away wind quietly, without sneaking will go out its dirt also. This matter is caused by SAGO which we drink can protect our stomach and intestine stomach acid coming From our own body.

Disease which could probably be healed :

1. Flatulent Stomach
2. Diarrhoea
3. Defecate with blood
4. Puking
5. All stomach trouble.

As far as I know many people dying because disease which its symptom loo like with this disease. I also know most confuse people because have to many doctor but do not recover


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