Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's My Day...so I have something about small frog....

Story about small frog

At one particular day, there is a group of small frog...which is racing !!!
Its targe
t is to reach top a very high tower. Frogs other become audience and gather with encircling tower to witness race and breathe life into to all participant.
Race is Even Also Started....!!!
Squarely : Not one even also audience believe that frogs small will be able to succeed to reach spire.
Is heard by there is saying : " Oh, the way too hard!!!" ..they CAN NOT to top !!! "
" No chance to succeed... Tower of it too high.....!!!! "
Small frog start fallout . One by one...
... Except them which keep spirits up to take a ride tower ..... excelsior ... and excelsior
Audience continue to have cheer..... " Too hard!!! Nothing a even also to succeed....
More amount of tired small frog and surender
..... but there is ONE which remain to do step till excelsior and is high.....
...He is not recognize to surender...
Other finally have surendered to take a ride tower. Except one small frog tail which so make every effort and become one's success him to TOP.
All other small frog like to know how this frog can doing it?????
A participant enquire frog how to be that a success have strength to reach target ??????
In the reality .... Frog Winner is frog which DEAF !!!!!

Advice from this story is :
Don'T once multiply to hear other reputedly which have negative
tendency and or pessimist… because they will take the major our dream and keeping away it from us .

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