Saturday, May 12, 2007

Love & Nuptials

One day, Plato ask to its teacher, " What that love? How I can finding it?"

Its teacher answer, "There is wide of grist farm in front of there. Walk you and without may retreat again, then take just one is of stick. If you find stick which you assume most is amazing, its meaning of you have found love"

Plato even also walk, and do not how long, he return empty-handedly, without bringing any.

Its teacher enquire, " Why you do not bring one even also stick?"

Plato answer, " I shall only bring just one is, and moment walk may not retreat again ( returning). In fact I have found most amazing, but I ignore do there is more amazing again in front of there, become I do not take the the stick. Moment I walk farther, newly I realize that stick which I find do not as good as mentioned stick, become I do not take one bar in the end "

Its teacher later;then answer " Become that's love"

In other day, Plato enquire again at its teacher, " What that marriage? How I can finding it?"

Its teacher even also answer " There is fertile forest in front of there. Walk without may retreat again shall only cut away one just tree. And cut away if you find highest tree, because its meaning of you have found what that marriage"

Plato even also answer, " Because pursuant to my experience previously, after exploring almost semi forest, in the reality I return empty-handedly. Become this opportunity, I see this tree, and I feel ugly is not very, become I set mind on cutting away it and bringing it to this place. I do not want to eliminate opportunity to getting it“

Its teacher even also later;then answer, " And yes that's marriage". That love is progressively searched, hence progressively do not be found. Love is existence of in subconsiousness, when can detain more expectation and desire. When excessive desire and expectancy will love, hence which is got by dismay... no something even also which is got, and cannot be backed into again. Time and a period of cannot be rolled back. Accept love are there him. Marriage is continuation from Love. [Is] process get opportunity, when you look for best among existing choice, hence will lessen opportunity to getting it, When perfection wish you get, hence your time loss in getting that marriage, because in fact that perfection of emptyness of existence.

"Love will not end in beautiful marriage, if you always see superordinate
and existing regret make only one who is castaway progressively pain"

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